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Consolidated statistical series

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Statistics properties
Period in which the projections were made2
Calendário Calendário
Period to which the projections were made3
Select a periodicity
1 For the consultation to Price indices, some indicators can be consulted together, such as: IPCA and INPC; IGP-DI and IPA-DI; IGP-M and IPA-M.
2 The queried period should not exceed two years. The statistics are available from January 2000 up to the most recent Focus-Market Readout, with slight changes in the starting date, depending on the indicator.
Depending on the selected calculation and period, there might not be available statistics.
3 If the queried period exceeds the interval with valid projections, just the available data will be presented.
Note: Total GDP is projected at market prices; sectoral GDPs are projected at added value.
Atenção   In case the periods are very large, there is the possibility of horizontal and vertical scrolling.